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Break Free From Self-Sabotage, People Pleasing, and Self-Doubt

without the therapy time commitment and price tag

The TRUTH: We are ALL Born Valuable! We Learn to Devalue Ourselves.

Did you know research shows without self-love, you're likely to be highly self-critical and fall into people-pleasing and perfectionism? 

You’re more likely to tolerate mistreatment from others and you may neglect your own needs and feelings because you don't value yourself enough. Plus, you may self-sabotage or make decisions that aren’t in your own best interest. 

If this is you, know that you are not alone. My name is Christy Maxey, I was a therapist for over 20 years. Now, I am a best selling author and coach who is on a mission to help women like you, love yourself more, so that you can live the life that you crave. 

I want to invite you to start your transformational journey today!

Introducing: The  7 Day Self-Love Accelerator by Christy Maxey, Creator of the Maxx Method 

Grab my SIMPLE TOOLS and GUIDED MEDITATIONS and *finally* revitalize your self-relationship, strengthen your self-esteem, and feel more confident.

Total value: $197! Get it ALL today for ONLY $37!
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If you want to set better boundaries, have better relationships, or if you just want to experience inner peace


In just MINUTES a day the Self-Love Accelerator will help you to…

  • Feel reinvigorated with a deep and loving relationship with yourself

  • Stop people pleasing 

  • Improve all of your relationships 

  • Set better boundaries

  • Experience increased motivation

  • Stop the negative self-talk and self-sabotaging 

Before I go any further, you may be wondering what kind of results I get for clients. Here is what one of my clients wrote about our work together.

“When I came to Christy, I had been struggling my whole life with no self-confidence, bad self-image, being a people-pleaser, fear of doing things that should have brought me happiness, fear of dying, depression and anxiety. After working with Christy, they are now manageable and in a lot of cases, completely gone. I am so much happier and my ability to handle extreme stress, which we all experience in this life, has greatly increased. Christy is very skilled and I would say gifted in helping people with her tools and ability to identify and help you with lifetime issues and struggles. Honestly, I can say without hesitation, she saved my life and I am grateful that I was lead to her."

I want to help you start your healing journey just like the thousands of others I have helped on a path towards healing.

Here’s the deal, you KNOW life could feel better…
Have you ever felt like you’re not growing or evolving to your fullest potential?
OR are you stuck in a pattern of self-doubt, worry, and uneasiness?


Maybe you have had some accomplishments you are proud of (degrees, children, professional accomplishments etc.) but something is still missing. You still can’t seem to get out of your own head with self-criticism, doubt, and worry. 

If so, you are not alone! In fact research shows that 79% of women struggle with self-esteem issues. I am determined to change that!

I'm ready NOW for the 7 Day Self-Love Accelerator for $37
*Price increases soon*


Imagine, in just minutes a day, you can start to rewire your brain and develop skills that will help you learn to love yourself fully as you are today.

This means you will...

  • Change how you feel and think about yourself so you can BE empowered.

  • Eliminate your negative self-talk and finally believe in yourself.

  • Replace self-doubt and self-judgment with self-compassion. It's not selfish to be kind to yourself.

  • Reconnect with your true authentic self and become the confident person you are meant to be.

It's time to get out with the old, in with the new...
Say goodbye to...
Instead, you'll

Feeling overwhelmed and defeated when it comes to navigating relationships
…feel confident in who you are and navigate relationships from a place of self-love and security

Self talk that makes you feel like sh*t, second guessing yourself, and doubting your abilities to navigate relationships
…love yourself as you are today, confidently make decisions, and leave the excessive worrying behind

Always feeling like your needs come second to others
…start putting yourself first (this makes you a better friend, lover, parent etc)
Yes, I am ready to let go of self-doubt!

Sue K.

I cannot say enough positive, gratitude filled things about Christy Maxey and the Maxx Method! This program helped me find an inner strength and self-intelligence that I did not believe I could achieve.  Between panic attacks, anxiety and loss, I reached out for help and the results were way beyond my expectations. I have tools to help me understand what is happening inside. Thank you, Christy! You can know how much I appreciate you and your work! 

Angela L.

I have done counseling in the past and it never seemed to go anywhere. I want to shout from a mountain top!  I’M BACK!!  Christy has helped me get to the root of why I was continuing to stay stuck in my limiting beliefs.  The Maxx Method has given me the tools that I will use the rest of my life to flip my inner critic the bird!  From now on, I practice self-love, acceptance, and compassion. Thank you, Christy, for reminding me how to dream big again!

 Marlene J.

In my experience, Christy is very skilled, and I would say gifted in helping people with her tools and ability to identify and help you with lifetime issues and struggles. The Maxx Method is an easy way to learn life-long tools that I use daily. I went from feeling insecure, never feeling good enough and now those thoughts rarely come into my head at all. It’s almost unbelievable because I battled that for several years.  Honestly, I can say without hesitation, this is the program to do.

The 7 Day Self-Love Accelerator
by Christy Maxey, Creator of the Maxx Method
These are the tools that will allow you to heal your inner critic, stop people pleasing, and get your mojo back in just minutes a day, so that you can finally live the life you crave!

On Day 1, you will learn:

  • The secret about awareness that keeps you stuck and spinning your wheels and how to change it.
  • How this secret is important for you to move beyond your inner critic and into self-confidence.
  • Included is a recorded guided meditation that will help you develop inner peace with ‘what is’ so you can develop a more effective way of getting what you want.

On Day 2, you will learn:

  • How we learn to devalue and become ineffective with our emotions.
  • How to develop emotional intelligence, mastery and emotional resilience so you can feel more joy in your life.
  • Included is a recorded guided meditation that will teach you what it takes to move through challenging emotions in a healthy way.

On Day 3, you will learn:

  • How we learn to abandon ourselves and create negative messages and core beliefs about ourselves.
  • To identify your negative core beliefs and change them to "I am good enough," "I can succeed."
  • Included is a recorded guided meditation that will help you connect with your younger self (inner child) so you can uncover your true value.
  • Included is a BONUS recorded guided meditation that will help you experience the power of your thinking.

On Day 4, you will learn:

  • The secret to the most underrated healing technique of all and how to cultivate it.
  • To uncover your true self-worth and positive core beliefs.
  • Included is a recorded guided meditation that will guide you to address your inner critic and send her on her way.

On Day 5, you will learn:

  • How healing will give you a renewed sense of self-discovery.
  • What keeps you stuck from living a life you dream of.
  • A recorded guided meditation that will help you get out of your comfort zone and accomplish something that is important to you.

On Day 6, you will learn:

  • To identify and face the fears that keep you stuck.
  • Secret to getting in charge of your fear, rather than your fear having power of you.
  • Included is a recorded guided meditation where you will experience facing your fear and finding your confidence.

Day 7 includes:

  • A prompted journal that will help you daily to identify areas where you are stuck and how to get unstuck.
  • Prompts that will help you solidify the things you have learned in the Maxx Method 7-Day Self-Love Accelerator so that you can continue your self-love practice.
  • A tool to practice daily gratitude and accomplish daily goals.

The 12 Traits of True Self-Worth Includes:

Self-worth is much more than just repeating affirmations. This guide will help you understand what traits fuel self-worth and how it will help you in your life, your career and your relationships.

Maxx Method MINE includes:

A PDF and practice worksheet that gives you a quick win on changing negative self-talk and limiting beliefs. MINE is an acronym that will help you remember a simple and effective way to change your negative self-talk. The more you use it, the more natural it will become.


Maxx Method MAKE Includes:

An PDF and practice worksheet that will help you be successful in managing your emotions. MINE is an acronym and an easy reminder so you can become the master of your emotions. The more you practice, the more natural it will become for you.

Yes, I want access to the 7 Day Self-Love Accelerator for $37

Regular Price: $197.

Today ONLY $37!

Does any of this sound familiar?
  • Do you find it hard to make decision because you are worried about what others might think?

  • Have you ever wanted to go after a big goal but didn’t because of self-doubt or fear?

  • Lying in bed at night is it hard to sleep because you are plagued with worry?

  • Do you ever feel like you are not living life true to your authentic self?

Yes, I'm ready to live life true to my authentic self
If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.
You may be asking yourself...


It is so nice to meet you!

I love working with women and helping them become who they are meant to be. After working as a therapist for 20 years, I saw that people needed education and skills. I feel strongly that life is meant to be enjoy and people are needlessly suffering because we are not taught how to love ourselves. I'm a woman on a mission and I have developed an efficient and effective method to quickly get to the bottom of what’s holding you back…so you can move toward true self-worth, confidence and helping you live the life you long for.

Here's to enjoying YOUR life!

- Christy Maxey



  • Arizona State University, Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
  • Arizona State University, Master's of Counseling
  • Licensed Professional Counselor 2002-2019
  • Psychotherapy Private Practice 1999-2019
  • Online Coaching & In Office Coaching Private Practice 2018-Present
  • The Option Institute, Sheffield, Massachusetts  – Work-Study Program
  • Certified Gestalt Therapist: AZ Gestalt Institute, 3-Year Training Program
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Certification
  • Various Workshops, Trainings in Mindfulness and Healing Trauma
  • PIT Training by Pia Mellody of The Meadows Treatment Center
  • Imago Relationship Workshops and Trainings
  • The Gottman Method for Working with Couples – Certification
  • Relationship as a Path Coaching Class with Jayson Gaddis
  • Build Your Life Resume Course with Jesse Itzler
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